Windows 11 support?

Is psych toolbox supported well in windows 11 or 10 is a better option.


Ideally you’d choose a recommended Linux with recommended graphics hardware if you have requirements for high reliability, precision etc.

If you need to use Windows, then Windows-10 is currently the only officially somewhat supported and tested Windows version, as stated by PTB itself during startup and on our website. I am currently not paid in any way to test for or maintain proper support for any other Windows version.

That said, I do have one Microsoft Surface Pro 6 tablet running under Windows-11 atm., and at least the basics seem to work ok’ish. However, the machine has a Intel graphics chip, with a typically broken Intel driver, so visual stimulation timing is totally broken. I don’t have any other hardware that would be compatible with Windows-11 raised system requirements, and as long as our users don’t financially support me properly and funding stays poor, I don’t think this will change anytime soon.

Iow. Windows-11 may work, but is not carefully tested, and in case of trouble you are on your own. Maybe other people have some feedback on this…