A free drag-and-drop GUI for Matlab Psychtoolbox (PTB) is coming

During the past two years, we have been developing a free drag-and-drop graphic user interface for Matlab Psychtoolbox (PTB), which we dubbed PsyBuilder. Using this drag and drop interface (similar to E-prime), now it’s possible even for a newbie to build a full Matlab PTB script within 10 mins. We believe that PsyBuilder will be useful for both experts and novices because 1) it can drastically cut the programming time needed for almost any experiment; 2) it will dramatically flatten the learning curve for people without programming experience. Therefore, we believe that PsyBuilder will make the PTB platform extremely accessible and help to expand the user base.

Now I am so proud to announce that the beta version of the software is released out , please check out my website for download address: http://web.suda.edu.cn/yzhangpsy/projects.html

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