How to get last two decimals of release versions

Is there a way to know the exact version of PTB3 that is installed? The PsychtoolboxVersion command excludes the final two decimals. Not critical, but I just want to make certain the same release is installed across machines here.

Output of >> PsychtoolboxVersion
ans = ‘3.0.19 - Flavor: Manual Install, 23-Apr-2024 11:58:32’

Platform: Windows 10


As per the help of that function you tried, use Screen(‘Version’) instead

While Screen(‘Version’) would serve the OP’s requirements, I still wonder if there is a way to infer the release number (forth number as provided on PTB’s Github Releases). For example, Screen(‘Version’).version==‘’, which is for release v3.0.17.9.

Yes, actually Screen(‘Version’) isn’t exactly what I need. I should have been more specific. I would like to know the release number that’s on Github, as you wrote.

Don’t think that is possible atm. The 4th digit was just added to the release tagging process on GitHub for the benefit of Mathworks, as their Matlab Central system can’t deal with anything but decimal release numbers that increment at each software update.

There’s nothing in PTB atm. that encodes that last decimal digit.