Oculus Quest 2 compatibility with PsychVRToolbox?

Hi All,

Can anyone confirm (or speculate on the likelihood) that the Oculus Quest 2 with the Link Cable can be used with the PsychVRToolbox? I’m wanted to begin trying some VR experiments and notice that the Rift S can no longer be purchased from Oculus.


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Our OculusVR support in PsychVRToolbox was only developed and tested in the past with Rift DK1, DK2 and Rift CV by myself, so i can only speculate.

If we believe the documentation about Oculus link, the Quest 2 + link should work with “…otherwise unmodified PC VR applications…”, so assuming your machine meets the system requirements for Oculus Quest 2 + Link cable, i would assume it would work on a Windows-10 machine. Iow. if regular VR games and apps from the Oculus PC appstore work, then so should Psychtoolbox. At least that’s the theory.

It is interesting for me to know what kind of VR applications are done with PTB, and how the experience is so far, to guide future development, btw.


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