Psychtoolbox talk at VSS 2024 Satellite on Psychophysics Software with Matlab

Next Monday at VSS 2024, there will be a satellite event about “Psychophysics Software with Matlab”, organized by Mathworks. Among other things, it will involve:

  • A remote presentation by Celia Foster about the latest news wrt. Psychtoolbox since the last such event in 2022, and I will also participate remotely in the Q & A part of the event.
  • VPixx will present some Psychtoolbox related solutions of theirs, as far as I know.
  • Giles Holland will present about progress with his high-level toolbox PsychBench on top of Psychtoolbox.

The Psychtoolbox session should be interesting for users of Apple Silicon Macs, and to those who still want to have a Psychtoolbox around in the next year.

This year, Mathworks chose a title for the satellite that might actually attract an audience bigger than the 8 or so people that showed up last time. I hope my announcing it here a few days in advance instead of an hour in advance will also help ;).

For reference, Celia’s past presentation from VSS 2022 can be watched here:


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This year it went a bit better than two years ago, where probably due to the confusing title almost nobody connected the dots, and only 5 - 8 people showed up. The estimate of attendants this year was around 50 people, and a more lively outcome and more energy in the room, from what I was told.

Still good we have video recordings to reach a larger audience. I don’t know when or where the talks from the other presenters will show up, or if a recording of the Q & A session will be eventually provided. This is in the hands of Mathworks or the INCF.

Celia’s 12 minutes presentation about Psychtoolbox is now online on Youtube.

Thanks to those who participated, and to the Mathworks and INCF organizers.


Good talk! Glad it could be posted online so soon already.

With mixed feelings (wouldn’t it be nice for open software to be openly available?) I wholeheartedly support this new direction. I eagerly await finding out what uptake will be. Continued development of new features, but even more importantly maintenance of current functionality, must be supported properly, finally.