PTB-3 Launch on Ubuntu 22.04 on GNU Octave 6.4

I am novice with PTB. I have installed Ubuntu 22.04, in dual boot, on my laptop. then downloaded GNU Octave 6.4 from “Ubuntu Software”. For PTB-3, I followed the commands given in Neurodebian for my Ubuntu version, as suggested from PTB tutorial page and I think PTB-3 has been downloaded. But, for further use such as, how to open PTB-3 and run it; I have no Idea. Although I searched a lot but found nothing relevant to my problem.
Please suggest me how run PTB-3 and start with it.

I don’t understand what you mean. In that other question thread from a month ago…

… you told us you managed to install it and run some demos, also you found the intro help. The steps are the same for Ubuntu 22.04 as they were successfully executed by you on Ubuntu 21.10.

From here on it is self-directed learning, e.g., with the Intro PDF in the PsychDocumentation subfolder, or Peter Scarfe’s tutorials linked on our website under “Tutorial”, or understanding our demos in “help PsychDemos” / the PsychDemos subfolder.