Share Psychtoolbox among users on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

I am setting up a new machine (DELL XPS 9320) running Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS. I installed Psychtoolbox using DownloadPsychtoolbox.m with Psychtoolbox root into /home/myusername/toolbox. Now I created another user (also admin) on the machine, who I wish to also be able to use MATLAB and Psychtoolbox. The problem I encounter is that for the new user, access to the psychtoolbox root is denied. What would be the best solution here to make psychtoolbox available to all users? (1) grant read/write/execute permissions to the path? (2) change the psychtoolbox root (but how?)? (3) install psychtoolbox redundantly in a different path for the new user? or any other solution?

As explained on our Download section on our webpage, NeuroDebian provides ptb releases which get installed in the globally accessible system folders, if you get PTB from there. Launching Matlab with ptb3-matlab makes this comfy for shared machines. Downside may be that updates sometimes lag behind our upstream releases.

But simply installing into some shared location, e.g., /usr/local/ would be another option. I guess up to your personal taste.

Since I already installed it in a non-shared folder, I assume I can’t just migrate the toolbox folder but would have to specify the new path somewhere in the ptb scripts too?

Just uninstall and reinstall? Seems easiest and fool proof

You can cd(intoyournewPsychtoolboxfolder); then run SetupPsychToolbox from that folder location.